As every year Amber Trip is inviting jewellery artists to participate in the art jewellery competition.

Competition concept by chairman of jury Laima Kėrienė: “In a world full of stress, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to travel, to work, to get to know to others and yourself in different cultural contexts. Our ideals and openness are reaching their limits. We need to choose with discernment, so that our decisions do not lead to dead ends, so that we do not fall into the trap of evil, so that we do not lose hope in life. We can no longer ignore the urgency of choosing lifestyles, values such as good or evil, freedom or violence, respect or contempt, fullness or emptiness, construction or destruction. The heart and the mind navigate between the inevitable and what depends on our efforts.

We invite artists to express their thoughts on this through jewellery.

The means of expression are free to choose, amber is the recommended material. Important criteria: relevance of the concept, contemporary artistic expression and its suggestiveness, work executed in a professional manner.”


The deadline to apply and send the works is 1st of February.

To apply please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/dGe5JZur5VayNLGG8