"Amber Trip" Art Jewellery Contest 2018

"Nothing to declare"



2018 is a special year for Lithuania as this year the country celebrates its 100th anniversary of the restoration of independence. A hundred years ago we became independent. We have enjoyed human rights and freedoms for a hundred years. We have been choosing what we consider to be right and feel responsible for our own choice. In other words, we live like free people. We can travel in any direction and return to Lithuania, although Lithuania belonged to another state not so long ago. The iron curtain was an almost impossible obstacle for us. All our dreams to see another, free world rebounded from it. To survive today‘s day, we had to overcome a number of ideological and bureaucratic barriers. To return home, we had to shake out our suitcases during customs checks. But now, at the airport, we are quietly passing through the gate named „Nothing to declare“. We have nothing to hide, we have nothing to declare. We can only declare our freedom, and we are grateful for this opportunity to the signatories who signed the Declaration of Independence a hundred years ago.

The jewellery art competition “Nothing to declare” invites artists to announce their freedom in the language of jewellery, to say loudly that we have nothing to declare or hide. On the other hand, we can declare our freedom, freedom to travel and stay in our homeland, freedom of thought and freedom to disagree with others, freedom of being ourselves, freedom of being an artist and freedom from the idea of Independence. Because we have gained such a right. “Nothing to declare” means justice and the possibility of passing through any inspectors with no fear (it is not by accident that we can also see the representative of the Customs of RL among the members of the jury), but above all, the whole set of possibilities. We offer the opportunity to present this by using the metal art. This theme is revealed in works of the participants, even 109 of them from 26 countries. We picked 50 best works for the Traveling Exhibition.


The Winners:

Grand Prix

Isabel Tristán Ochoa (Spain)

„Just Now"

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The Catalans want the same thing as the Lithuanian people achieved 100 years ago. We respect the multiculturality of our people, we want to go together and free, without lies, respecting freedom of expression, we do not want an oppressive state, that does not respect our culture or our notorious history. Tired of waiting.




AWARD in the category of AMBER

Andrea Wagner (Netherlands)

"Golden Waters Cave Under Amber Lakes"

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My jewelry series "...And The Architect Is Still Facing His Jardin Intérieur" is a wishful view of a world in which does not separate between architectural constructions and nature, where they blend symbiotically into each other. Despite being extremely untalented with plants, I was attracted to the French expression jardin intérieur (inside garden) because it perfectly and poetically refers to the mind as a personal space with outright freedom to cut down or let grow what we choose; even daydream scenarios in which we live out the wildest things. Or the utmost serenity of being. Everything inside of this garden landscape is private, undisclosed if we wish. Even in light of the most overgrown jardi intérieu we could still say 'I have nothing to declare'. I submit this little group of three recently finished pieces because years ago I had brought the amber back home in my luggage from a workshop I attended in one amber source country without having to declare it. And now I have imported it to another amber source country without declaring it.



AWARD in the category of OBJECT

Andrius Gudišauskas (Lithuania)

"I'm so free that's even hard"



AWARD in the category of JEWELLERY

Mansuo Zhu (Germany)


Inspired by the situation, in which something goes through from the back to the front. Each piece from the jewelry collection has its own facial expression: naughty, stunned, happy, dorky, sleepy... They have a different character, with its own sense of humor. In this collection, each jewelry piece has its own personality, they are like us human beings, alive and individual. The wearers have the freedom of being themselves and announce the freedom from the idea of Independence. We have nothing to declare or hide, the jewelry neither.



AWARD of the RL CUSTOMS representative

Ieva Zigunskaya (Lithuania)

“- Do I declare that, Sir?”

He came out of nowhere and absolutely refuses to leave my workshop. I call him Argus. He seems to be very protective towards my tools and materials, especially gold and those super fine dividers I bought a year ago... Please excuse his lack of manners, he can be mean to those who have a bad taste in jewellery and tend to correct the fantasy of an artist; he also swears a lot (can't imagine where he could possibly pick that up). He feeds on borax, flux or pretty much everything that finds in my chemical box. I have no idea what kind of beast he is, and if there are any more of that kind... So I have one question – do I declare him?




AWARD in the category of OBJECT

Andrius Gudišauskas (Lithuania)

"I'm so free that's even hard"



Honor Mentions:


For lightness

Vita Pukštaitė-Bružė (Lithuania)

„Place under the Sun“

I declare a place under the Sun.



For material

Nassrin Vessalian (Iran)



To be tranquil of your judgments. Make my stories about doubts and duality, here with no fear.



For internationality

Simona Martinkutė (Lithuania)

"To Find" " Legal happiness " "Liberty screw" 



For philosophy

Darja Popolitova (Estonia)

"Metanoia VII" & "Metanoia XV"

I call my jewelry “androgynous”. By this I mean the potential of jewelry that is not stereotyped by gender. Unleashing of these stereotypes happens through understanding gender’s holistic genesis — without breaking onto male/female dualities, but if happens, taking in an account it’s transformable nature — with an opportunity to fuse the dualities back. That is why I used so-called hybrid materials, for example, stabilized wood where all the ultimate qualities you can think of. When you touch it’s surface long enough, you start to feel its wholeness — the sum of opposites of natural and synthetic fused into the smooth and homogeneous matter. The quality of transformation is represented by technique — manually created clay shapes are 3D scanned by phone app and modified into a digital file that cut by machines out of one wooden block. This approach was inspired by the novel of Honoré de Balzac “Seraphita.” The novel tells a story about gender’s conventions that relinquish an androgynous person, who is like an angel on the verge of a final transformation which will rid him of his body and carry him to heaven. Similar to a principle of androgyny is technology’s bodiless character.


For position

Alix Manon (Belgium)

"NO means NO"

RESPECT – GENDER EQUALITY – SELF EMPOWERMENT No one stands above another human being. We all have to show respect by taking each other’s decisions and feelings into account and accepting each other’s boundaries at any given moment. No one – man, woman and all shades in between – should ever force another person to do things against his/her will. Freedom is life’s most precious possession and we must cherish and defend it no matter what.


For scent

Kristy Bujanic (Belgium)

”Ode To Family”


Laima Kėrienė (LT)

Jurgita Grajauskaitė (LT)

Giedymin Jablonski (PL)

Arvīds Endziņš (LV)

Tanel Veenre (EE)

Sergiusz Kuchczyński (PL)



Art Jewellery contest "Nothing to Declare" participants:

Zohar Valach

Mansuo Zhu

Natalia Majchrzak

Ольга Чернышова

Leda D'Argent

Mary Efanova

Alix Manon

Anastasia Pindera

Benjamin Bermúdez Jiménez

Romualdas Inčirauskas

Ena and Ebrahim Mulavdic-Mohammadian / Jewellery EM

Isabel Tristán Ochoa

Azam Ghahremani

Wojciech Jerzy Bryłka

Ariel Lavian

Agata Marglewska

Nassrin Vessalian

Andrea Wagner

Jessica Grespi

Eglė Šitkauskaitė

Lillian Fitzpatrick

Esther Ervin

Kairi Sirendi

Magdalena Maślerz

Rasuolė Jautakytė

Jieun Park

Deniz Turan

Agostina Laurenzano

Adrienn Pesti

Pei Wu

Iren Gabeliia

Karina Lazauskaitė

Darja Popolitova

Julia Ortega Canalda

Ji  Young Kim

Helen Clara Hemsley

Edvinas Busarovas

Yichen Dong

Filiz Ates

Frans Beelen

Vita Pukštaitė-Bružė

Sara Chyan

Adela Schickerova

Tomas Vaičaitis

Daria Semyonova

Heidi Lykke Petersen

Merike Balod

Yaroslava Kellermann

Ксения Волегова

Анастасия Хлебникова

Karolina Šiburkytė

Anna Pervolaraki

Maja Houtman & Karin wichers

Vilma Laužikienė

Maria Konschake

Laurent Brune

Robertas Krapavickas

Una Mikuda

Ilze Egle

Katarzyna Wasielewska

Dot Melanin

Gabija Gataveckaite

Courtney Hyland

Azure (Qianwen)Zhang

Aisegul Telli

Andrius Gudišauskas

Agnė Žaltauskaitė

Andrea Vaggione

Simona Žižytė

Ieva Zigunskaya

Sofia Bankeström

Vitalijus Milkintas

Airidas Skublickas

Simona Martinkutė

Marija Radosavljević

Gintarė Janulaitytė

Ieva Laskevičiūtė

Marius Zakaras

Emilija Kasperavičiūtė

Eglė Širvytė

Marcia Neuner

Gintarė Grigalytė

Ugnė Burvytė

Karina Kazlauskaitė

Rasa Jundulaitė

Marcin Bpguslaw

Barbara Ludwicka

Dalius Ilginis

Raffaella Nisi

Eglė Tamošiūnaitė - Marcinkienė

Maria Do Vale

Maciej Brewczyk

Frilli Colombo

Joanna Mach

Мария Мамкаева

Aura Paulikienė

Laura Motiejūnaitė

Kristy Bujanic

Diana Dudek

Lauryna Kiškytė

Michal Fatyga

Felicija Kelmickaitė

Jurgita Erminaitė - Šimkuvienė

Adelė Šumkauskaitė

Irena Žukauskytė

Agnieszka Tchorzewska

Katarzyna Rakowiecka

Martyna Wydmanska

Rokas Kašėta