Surveillance jewellery

Amber Trip Art Jewellery competition winners 2021


The winners of the international jewelery contest in Vilnius were announced. Professional jewelers have been nominated for this year's Surveillance Jewellery competition. The artists were nominated for six nominations, and the winners were announced on the 21st of September at the international jewelery exhibition Amber Trip.


This year Amber Trip held art jewellery contest. The theme was Surveillance jewellery. Surveillance cameras that indicate traffic, tracking of people who were exposed to COVID 19, facial recognition in airports, discussions about Huawei all over the internet – Surveillance is the topic that brings us to discussions from its benefits to a privacy breach.

Winners were selected by jury: Laima Kėrienė; Šarūnė Vaitkutė, Sigitas Virpilaitis, Pillė Veljataga; Jurgita Ludavičienė.

Winners are:
Gintarė Janulaitytė: Grand Prix.
Annelieke Landre: Jewellery category.
Lukas Tomkus: Object category.
Monica Bobbi: Amber category.
Vaiva Kazlauskaitė: Special award for social empathy.
Jessica Grespi: Special award for new ideas.

Participants list:
Lauriane Sémat; Veronika Siklósi-Horváth; Alain Roggeman; Monica Bobbi; Rho Tang; Jessica Grespi (JF project); Gintarė Janulaitytė; Misaki Nomoto; Huang I-Chia; Wu Meng-Ju (Moru Wu); Ilze Egle; Una Mikuda; Brigita Rodaite; Alberto Dávila Quesada; Sognando Lo Scirocco Jewels; Anna Paparella; Katerina Novotna; Dodo Paruznik; Marley White; Clizia Moradei; Sichma Zuzanna;  Annelieke Landré; Ieva Laskevičiūtė; Yaroslava Kellermann; Vaiva Kazlauskaitė; Elena Golynskaitė; Neringa Kalvaitytė; Ugnė Burvytė; Lukas Tomkus; Alesia Zeta; Galicenhova Ekaterina Večeclabobna; Aline Roger; Dominyka Gulbinaitė.

Amber Trip's international jewelery art contests are an important event for Lithuanian artists as well - an opportunity for Lithuanian artists to break away from on-demand creations, where jewelery visions are brought to the customers and often lead to creative decisions. The art competition frees thinking and rises to a higher level and is available in virtual space. Creating an opportunity to present authors, creators to performers and assessors, and exhibition organizers around the world, says Prof. L. Kėrienė.

This project was funded by Lithuanian Culture Council.


Grand Prix: Gintarė Janulaitytė,  “Anxiety”



Jewellery Category:Annelieke Landre, “Face ID”.




Object Category: Lukas Tomkus, “Between walls”.



Amber Category: Monica Bobbi, “Checkpoint”.