About opportunities

Amber Trip international jewellery competition – About opportunities - Results


After a year of not being able to conduct a physical show due to covid restrictions the Amber Trip international Jewellery contest was this year more than happy to return to normal, being able to show the competition pieces live to the visitors of the show.
The theme for the 2022 competition was “About opportunities”. It was a very large theme considering the ongoing situation in the world. Consequently, the theme offers an endless variety of approaches that could be seen through the entries. This year the competition had received 57 entries from 17 countries which can be considered a good turnout.
The jury of the competition consisted of three persons representing experience from various fields in jewellery. As chairman of the jury served Professor Laima Keriéné from The Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artists were represented by previous winner of the competition, jewellery artist Lauryna Kiskyté and the international part was represented by jewellery designer and executive director Henrik Kihlman from the Finnish Goldsmith Association.

The jury wanted to emphasize the interpretation of the theme in an artistic way combined with the technical skill and quality of the piece. The entries represented a large diversity in styles and concepts. However, the jury was quite fast able to select and agree on ten pieces that fulfilled the qualities we were looking for. The way the jury worked was for each member to first assess their own preferences. After that to get together and through discussions find a common ground to find the criteria for choosing the winners in the various categories. After two consultations the jury had reached an anonymous decision and the result was clear to be announced.

The winners were:

Grand prix - Anna Fanigina


Jewellery nomination - Kamilė Stanelienė-“Until Death Do Us Part”


Object nomination - Vita Pukštaitė-Bružė


Amber nomination – Paula Castro


Honorary diplomas were given to:

for spatiality - Ugne Burvyte “Colors of possibilities“

for untold stories - Ugnė Burvytė “Tome of Ni“


for the concept - Chien Yu, Liu– “Linked #3”



for the balance - Gintarė Janulaitytė “Don’t close your eyes“


for hope - Petra Boehler “My chance“