About opportunities

The topic of the competition AmberTrip is "About Opportunities". Every situation, everything that happens to us, every choice and decision is not unambiguous. Everything that happens to people have sides: white and black (good and bad, or call it whatever you want). The current situation, which has plunged humanity into the mire of a pandemic for the second year in a row, has taken everyone by surprise. Life has changed and along with the changes came fear, anxiety, apathy, despair, as well as survival strategies, psychological defence mechanisms, self-knowledge and understanding, slow times. This situation as a litmus paper showed our weaknesses and strengths, true faces, hobbies and needs. But we want to talk about the dark side the least. More about the fact that losses and limitations often paradoxically open up opportunities in us that we didn’t even suspect. Mental resilience and flexibility, survival skills, ingenuity and adaptability. New decisions and changes that we would not have made if the situation had not changed. Finally, the ability to do nothing, slow down your life so that you can see and enjoy the hourly clock. One can talk about the (and other) possibilities, the secret depths we didn’t know about, the changes in society, and what they do to us in the language of jewellery. Flip the situation like a stone, look around all the way until you find the one that promises the most. Where the greatest opportunities lie.