Art Jewellery Contest  “ECOSIGHT” 2020

XVII International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip March 11-14, 2020  announces an art jewellery contest.

Polluted oceans, burning Amazon forests, unable to breathe Delhi,  Earth's warming. And how many side-by-side processes that are disrupting the coexistence of nature and mankind! Ecological disharmony - like a threatening dragon, who is constantly coming to our castle to take his victims ...

What vision do we have in this confrontation? Are we surrender ourselves to fear and anxiety or are we taking a more conscious and active position? Global and everyday view, thoughts, words, and actions that turn into CREATION that can influence the future.

We are announcing an art jewellery contest on the theme of ECOSIGHT.

Competition awards:

  • Grand Prix
  • Award in the category of amber works
  • Award in the category of objects
  • Award in the category of jewellery
  • Award of the audience

Competition rules:

1. Genres: jewellery, objects, small plastic art
2. Materials: various, amber is recommended
3. Scale: up to 500x500x500 mm
4. Criteria: conceptuality, creativity, originality, professionalism, aesthetics

The winners of the Art Jewellery Contest will be chosen during XVII International Baltic Jewellery fair Amber Trip 2020 which will take place 11-14March.

The winners will receive an interview in the international „Baltic Jewellery News“ magazine, the Grand Prix winner will also receive a space to present himself/herself  in the „Amber Trip“ jewellery fair next year.

After the art jewellery contest the participants works will be travelling in different jewellery fairs in Europe, including Legnica Art Jewellery Festival, and different exhibitions in Lithuania as well. Also they will be shared on „Amber Trip“ and Baltic Jewellery News social media.

The steps to participate :

1.Fill the application form
2.Send the work to Amber Trip Office by address Manufaktūrų g. 16-7, LT-11342 Vilnius, Lithuania. The deadline is FEBRUARY 17th 2020.
3. There is no application fee, however, the participants have to pay the shipping costs to receive the work back after the contest.
4. On March 11-14th, during the XVII International Baltic Jewellery show Amber Trip the international artist jury will announce the winners of the above categories.

Please send your applications and works of art until February 17th at Manufaktūrų g. 16-7, LT-11342 Vilnius.  Please note that works of art will not be accepted during “Amber Trip” event on the day of competition.