Honorable Ambassadors of International Baltic Jewellery show “Amber Trip” worldwide

Mr. Kazimieras Mizgiris

Honorable Ambassador of International Baltic Jewellery show “Amber Trip” in Lithuania

For me, amber is life, I live with it, the more I learn about it, the more it enchants me, engages me. Over the years, this exhibition has become like amber - warm, unique, pleasing to the eye, unpredictable. I sincerely wish it would be as important, necessary and pleasing to the entire amber community as amber itself. Happy 2021, dear friends.




Mrs. Dai Li

Honorable Ambassador of International Baltic Jewellery show “Amber Trip” in China

I would like to wish the entire jewellery and amber community strength, patience, and lots of new ideas. I hope that 2021 will bring you new and positive energy, new aspirations, and new goals. Have a happy, profitable and wonderful new year!




Mr. Jassim Bouhamad

Honorable Ambassador of International Baltic Jewellery show “Amber Trip” in Kuwait

I have been attending the Amber Trip show for many years now and it never ceases to pleasantly surprise me. I feel at home here, where it is always nice to come back. In this extraordinary period for all of us, I wish for this show to continue on, since it is very much needed not only for Europe but also for us in the Far East. Happy 2021!



Mr. Darvin Viacheslav 

Honorable Ambassador of International Baltic Jewellery show "Amber Trip" in Russia 

I see that the Amber Trip exhibition is done with love, with great care. When we come to it we see that every detail has been thought through. I want to wish the participants, the organisers and the partners of the exhibition that all of us can endure this extraordinary period together and that Amber Trip will last for many more years. Peaceful and good 2021!




Mr. Henrik Kihlman

Honorable Ambassador of International Baltic Jewellery show "Amber Trip" in Finland 

Year 2020, reflections

The past year of 2020 will be remembered for a long time to come. It started out under promising stars but took us all by surprise with a totally unexpected factor. Panic, despair, but luckily also hope and creative thinking were feelings emerging in peoples minds when they were faced with this new challenge. Businesses and entrepreneurs have done an outstanding job in surviving during this time of uncertainty. The summer brought us some hope, but now the fall seems to bee a very good time for Covid19 to harass us again. We are now better prepared and know that there is a vaccine on its way and hope that the effect of that will come in time to let us do “busines as usual” in the year of 2021.

Year 2021, hopes for

Let us hope that the new year will let the virus fade and allow for us to unleash all the creativity and innovations the past year of isolation has created into a successful boom of growth. Let us go back to meeting people face to face and start networking with physical presence again in fairs and exhibitions all over the world. Some things may have been lost during the pandemic, but I hope that the time of reflection has brought something fresh and new in ways of creating beautiful things and doing business again.


Mr. Sławomir Wasilewski

Honorable Ambassador of International Baltic Jewellery Show “Amber Trip” in Poland

The year 2020 has seen a lot of surprises, challenges, as well as new opportunities for us! I wish the whole community not to give up and welcome 2021 with a good and hopeful mood!




Mr. Knut Rudloff

The world's amber community has lost a very prominent personality, Knut Rudloff, the Honorary Ambassador of Germany to the Amber Trip of the International Baltic Jewelery Exhibition.  

This prominent and bright personality is inseparable from amber popularization and cognition around the world. Mr K. Rudloff's activities will remain in the memory of his acquaintances for a long time.