“Vilnele” was established in 1990. It works in the basis of the oldest and the biggest Baltic jewelry company with the oldest amber jewelry manufacturing traditions, which was established in 1968. Nowadays the company employs 46 people and has a great potential to expand. The company is situated in the capital of Lithuania Vilnius. About 40 percent of production is sold in the domestic market and 60 percent is directed for export.
“Vilnele” designs and manufactures jewelry from silver, gold, amber and brass. The company makes unique works of applied decorative arts. Simplicity, decorativeness and practicality of expressive forms and silhouettes, diversity and constructive nature of ornamentation are characteristic to all pieces of jewelry. Every piece of work is full of creative imagination and love. Each of them expressively discloses the new possibilities of amber usage.

Giluzio str. 15
LT-06202 Vilnius

Tel. +370 5 240 61 20
Fax. +370 5 240 61 31
e-mail: info@vilnele.lt
Web site: www.vilnele.lt,  www.bernsteinbett.de

Contact person:
Paulius Zabielskas