Danuta and Mariusz Gliwińscy have been producing the artistic jewellery with amber since the end of seventies. Thanks to a big sensitivity and intensive work they created their own style of the silver jewellery manually forming settings for the fine kinds of amber. Big, shiny, carefully made silver surfaces are designed to emphasise the natural beauty of stones. Especially attractive are the sets of jewellery consisting many elements (necklaces, rings, bracelets, buckles, brooches) connected by the common composition rule. Gliwińscy eagerly use several surprisingly matched materials like, for example, steel, leather, silk and others to decorate amber. In their compositions the modernity often joins nearly ethnic traditions. Since all their works are hand made, they keep the unique character. Gliwińscy constantly take part in exhibitions, competitions and fashion shows in Poland and abroad. They are often rewarded for original design and perfect quality. Their works are displayed in the Earth Museum in Warsaw and the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk.

Tel. +48 58 551 39 14
Tel. / fax. +48 58 550 18 60
Mob. tel. +48 501 502 789 / +48 501 414 900
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Danuta and Mariusz Gliwinscy