Promotion of Lithuanian Jewellery Business Development

Joint stock company “Devyni Gintarai” and 21 Lithuanian jewellery business companies participated in the project "Development and promotion of Lithuanian creative industries in foreign markets" which was funded according to "New opportunities LT" measure of the European Union structural investment activity programme. This company group received compensation to cover part of their costs of the participation in XIII International Baltic Jewellery Show “Amber Trip 2016”.


Public Institution Enterprise Lithuania under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania invited company groups to submit applications for the implementation of export initiatives, i.e. for events which would present the potential of company group export and expand business relations. Support is provided for activities of participation in international exhibitions and organization of business missions in Lithuania or abroad



The Lithuanian jewellery company group used this opportunity. During the XIII International Baltic Jewellery Show “Amber Trip 2016”, Lithuanian jewellery manufacturers presented their amber and jewellery products to potential customers and partners.


The project aims to encourage Lithuanian amber jewellery companies to search for foreign partners more actively, to expand their current relations and to stimulate the international awareness of Lithuanian amber and jewellery manufacturers through group initiative and by participating in international exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.


In addition to the company “Devyni gintarai”, participants of the project included: “RMD linija”, “Sidabrinė kamėja”, “Napoleonas”, “Amber Tree”, “Silver Amber”,  trading company of A.Petkevičius, “Amber inclusions”, “Max Solar Energy”,  A.Jukna studio A+L, “Amber Home”, AMRD Amber, “Amber Mozaika”, company of R.Benetis “Lašas”, "Pajūrio Krantas", amber workshop of Romas Balšaitis, D.Milius ŪKĮ, “Amberlita”, “Lina Amber”, Gritpedžiai and Co.