On December 15 in 2021, the event “Jewellery Art and Business Trends” will start at the virtual Baltic Jewellery Art Gallery. For the second year in a row, the organisers of the international Baltic jewellery exhibition Amber Trip have invited representatives of the art of jewellery to the virtual space. The event will run until December 29th.

“Works of famous Lithuanian professional jewellers in one place - an opportunity for jewellery artists to present their works not only to Lithuanian but also to international audiences - foreign jewellery galleries, museums, collectors, shop owners, jewellery magazines publishers and other representatives related to the industry. It is also an opportunity to increase the awareness of the art of Lithuanian jewellery.

The pandemic had to abandon plans to hold an annual jewellery exhibition in March and later in August. Thanks to the virtual gallery, we at least partially compensate for what the exhibitors and visitors have lost. We would like to thank and create a celebration for all representatives, fans and patrons of the art of jewellery, ” says Giedrius Guntorius, the organiser of the international Baltic jewellery exhibition Amber Trip.

According to the organisers, the networking conference is intended to promote communication between Lithuanian and foreign author jewellery artists, to express their opinion, to discuss the most relevant issues, the latest trends, and to deepen their knowledge. The aim is to give the creators of author jewellery as much knowledge as possible about how their work can be turned into a business and be visible not only in Lithuania but abroad as well.

Henrik Kihlman, President of the Finnish Jewellery Association and Editor of the international jewellery magazine Baltic Jewellery News, will share his insights on the Scandinavian jewellery market, vision and goals during the event. Lombardi, inventor of the jewellery photo camera "FourPro" from Italy, will advise how to photograph jewellery to best reveal their features.

Marina Kudrina, a representative of one of the most famous jewellery magazines "Jewellery Garden" and international jewellery exhibitions in Russia, will share her experience of how to introduce yourself to magazines, the press and attracting media. Giedyminas Jablonski, a professor at the Wrocław Academy of Arts and the visiting professor at Vilnius Academy of Arts, will share his insights on where to look for information and how to get to international art jewellery events in Poland. Romas Senkus, founder of “Digital Miracle”, will share insights on how to create and manage social networking accounts to generate revenue.

Experts Beata Zdramytė, Laima Kėrienė, Viktorija Orkinė, Marytė Dominaitė (Gurevičienė), who have many years of experience in the jewellery industry, will provide consultations to professionals. During the consultation, the experts will help refine the history and vision of their presentation as an artist, answer technical questions about the creation of jewellery and the implementation of a work of art.

The event "Jewellery Art and Business Trends" is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Its organisation is assisted by the Telšiai Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the Lithuanian Association of Author's Jewellery Makers and the Auksakaliai Guild.